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Hi all! I will be starting an accelorated nursing program in July. It will be M-F 8am to 5:00pm at first. Then when clinicals start it will be at least 8 hours/day (hours will vary), either in lecture, lab, or clinicals. This means my 2 year old will be in daycare 10.5 hours/day. She has never been away from me, EVER. She was born 16 weeks early, so you can only imagine how over-protective I have had to be of her. Also, she's a very tiny 2 year old, only weighing 18 lbs.., and is very mildly delayed. My stomach is just churning over this. Is it too long for her to be in daycare? How long are your kids in daycare? How did they do?


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My son is about that age and is in daycare for about that long (I currently work 8:30-5, I will be quitting to go to school full-time in the fall). It was really much harder on ME than him. He really does GREAT in "school" as we call it. He's learned so much there; there is so much of an educational component to daycare now, and for even such a young age he really has made friends. Some days he even is so involved that I have trouble getting him to leave!

Of course there are mornings he doesn't want me to leave and it breaks my heart, but really the socialization is great for them, your kiddo will be fine. My kid has blossomed so much that I've decided if I ever won the lottery I'd still put him in part time for the socialization and activities.

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Your munchkin will probably do just fine in daycare. Something that we did with our daughter (adopted from China) 4 years ago was to transition her to daycare. The first day, go with her to visit the place so it's not all new & scary. A day or two later, go with her & be there with her for a couple hours (as she plays with her new friends). Eventually, start leaving her there for increasing periods of time (start with ~15 minutes, work your way up to 2 hours).

This way, it's not as big a shock to her or you.

You will cry, and feel all sorts of guilty. I did (manly man that I am), the first day I dropped her off at daycare.

It will work out, though!

Good luck.

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I have twin girls that are 3 1/2 now. They were born 9 wks. early and I was a stay-at-home-mom, so they never went anywhere and I was very protective of them, also. When they were 18-months old, my ex and I separated and I decided to go back to school. Day care was awful at first, and they were sick so much that I quit my job so I wouldn't have to have them in day care. It may have been just they still had immature immune systems, but I think more than anything that they were just traumatized by our situation (as was I). Several months later I had to get them back in daycare so that I could go to school full-time. They were a little bit sick at first, but now, a year later, they are hardly ever sick. They actually like going to "school" now (so they can go to school, like me!) and do fine.

It might take your daughter a little while to get used to things. Give her vitamins, and maybe supplement with DHA and Vitamin C during cold season. Give her as much extra love and attention as you can. It might be hard on both of you at first, but if this is your only choice, like it was with me, then it will be worth it.

When clinicals start, mine will be in daycare for at least 8 hours a day, and maybe more during the rest of the week. It is hard, but it's better than the alternative, which is me having to work at least two crummy jobs just to make it, and then they're STILL in daycare all the time. Good luck. I really wish the best for you and your little girl :).


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I agree with what someone else said, it's harder on you than it is for them. I sometimes want to cry leaving my child at daycare but I know that I'm doing this all for him and his future and when I put it that way, the day doesn't seem so bad. I don't know if I cay say for all, but I don't remember much before 4 if anything but 5-10 memories (that are almost like photos now). I think at a young age, they won't even come close to remembering. When I think about it that way too, I also feel better. It makes me believe that my 1.5 year old son will only remember me as a nurse, not as a student nurse. :)

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