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Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone had any information about MA Nursing Schools and criminal history. I made a HUGE mistake a few years ago and received an OUI (operating under the influence) in MA. It was the first and only offense. I was on probation for a year, did all my time and fines, and ended the year with a CWOF. I have beaten myself up for years and am well aware of how awful of a mistake I made. I am also aware that most schools and hospitals have the right to look down upon me and not offer admission or a job. I just got information that I have been accepted to a few accelerated programs in the area. I was wondering if anyone knew how much this would effect my chances of getting into the program. I know all schools run a background check so I am wondering if I should be prepared for certain schools to take back my admission.

Thank you!!


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First congratulations on your acceptance into the programs!! I would personally have a one on one with admissions and talk to them and see if it will hurt you. In the mean time don't keep thinking about it and focus on positive things :-)


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Not only will the school run a check but the BON will require a CORI check after you graduate and apply for NCLEX and may not let you sit for NCLEX, definitely talk with someone in admissions who really knows what they are talking about. I went to school with someone who had something on her record from 21 years ago and she had to jump through hoops for MA BON to get cleared to sit for NCLEX. After going through school and graduating from nursing school, the last thing you want to hear is that you aren't eligble to even take the boards, so definitely talk with someone who has knowledge on this subject. Maybe you could even talk with someone from the BON now to get your answer. Good luck!!


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How have you made out with this? I believe if it is over 5 years and you were not CONVICTED and it was a CWOF it is OK for NCLEX. Please let me know if this is not the case. The NCLEX asks you if you are convicted or have something open against you. If you were convicted and it was not a CWOF then it would be a problem but I don't think it will prevent you from taking the test. Please let me know if I am off track... Good luck!

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