What do I do with my previous career?

  1. I'm planning to graduate from RN school in 8 weeks and I can't figure out what to do about a resume problem. I have a previous career as an IT tech and manager. I have two healthcare jobs counting the one I'm doing right now. My resume as it now stands is a complete mess.

    Is it OK to start the resume with my healthcare jobs and turn my former career into a few lines stating that I was in a different line of work and highlighting the customer service skills acquired? Is that something that could work to emphasize my skills as a nurse?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I did something like this when I changed careers. I got CNA jobs while in nursing school and started to list them with one block for the previous career. Once I got the first nursing jobs, I started to leave off the CNA jobs, once I got the second or third nursing job; then after there was enough time and enough nursing jobs on the resume, I started to leave off the block for the previous career. Of course, this was only for the resume. When filling out job applications, I always list as many as they require, going back chronologically. So far, only one employer ever was meticulous about the entire matter. The majority of them say to fill in the blanks for four jobs if there are four blanks and that is it.