Standing out on a resume

  1. Hello everyone! I am currently a pre-nursing student, fortunately already admitted into the nursing school. I've heard in some areas it can take months to find a job after graduating. Therefore, I am looking for any suggestions on programs, activities, and aspects in general to get involved with that can enhance a BSN resume.
    Thank you!
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  3. by   Keep_Calm
    Working in healthcare while in school would be something...
  4. by   shicurls
    Leadership activities, health volunteering, nursing school club board member or knowing multiple languages would help.
  5. by   nsccf
    Getting a healthcare position while you are in school looks great on a resume. Also, join your local nursing chapter. They should have a student membership. Volunteer work is important. Get involved in as many committees as possible while you are in nursing school. Also, make sure you maintain the highest GPA possible in nursing school. You would want to put any academic achievements on your resume. These things are very important on a resume for a new grad because of the limited experience. Good luck!