Should I add this to my resume? Previous orientation?

  1. Hello, when I began nursing I first orientated in the Transplant ICU. At the time the floor was merging with another floor and I did not anticipate the challenges this would bring.
    After 10 weeks it was deemed not a good fit and I was able to transfer to another floor in the same hospital. Should I include this on my resume? My time there was not a loss, as I did learn quite a bit and have taken the experience with me.

    A bit of background on what happened:

    Merging of two floors
    New nurse educator
    6 preceptors in 10 weeks - only 1 having over a year experience
    Total orientation was to be 12 weeks
    Personality did not fit
    Issues were centered around charting not patient care
    Overall not a good fit for me but left amicably and remain in the same hospital

    I have now been a nurse for 1 1/2 years and I am planning on relocating.

    Thanks for any input - and I didn't mean to make this sound like a one-sided issue.
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  3. by   allycat77
    I would say no. That was short period of time, that I think you can skip it.