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  1. I'm a relatively new nurse. The job market in my area is very difficult to get into. I found a home health nurse job in March. I rolled my ADN degree into BSN and finished in last week.
    I'm hoping a BSN will give me a little more leverage in addition to 6 months of home care experience. Here is my resume I'd love feed back.

    Also, do I include my ADN degree and my BSN degree?

    NAME, RN

    2676 XXXX Road, Box XXX* XYZ, PA 1XXXX * xxx-xxx-xxxx *


    University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX - August 2012
    Bachelors Degree of Science in Nursing
    Montgomery County Community College, PA - May 2011
    Associates of Science in Nursing
    James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA
    Bachelor of Arts in Management/Marketing


    Medical/Surgical - XYZ Hospital
    Spinal/Vent - XYZ Hospital
    Maternity - XYZ Hospital
    Pediatrics - XYZ Hospital
    Geriatrics - XYZ Hospital
    Psychiatric - XYZ Hospital


    Pennsylvania State Licensed - Registered Nurse
    BLS, expires 12/2013
    ANA - American Nursing Association


    XYZ Pediatric Services - Registered Nurse, XYZ, PA March 2012 to present

    • Responsible for assessing patient's medical condition and develops plan toward the treatment and recovery.
    • Perform tasks of administering medications, monitoring patients, and instructing patients on appropriate home care.
    • Assign responsibilities of checking patients health care through observation of body temperature, blood pressure, patient history and symptoms.
    • Act as liaisons between patients and health care workers, such as hospital staff and physicians
    • Perform all other essential tasks as required.
    • Monitor and detect changes in patient status and initiate appropriate interventions, if required.
    • Responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of nursing interventions by performing ongoing assessment and reassessment of patient conditions, problems, and treatments.
    • Collaborates with managers, physicians and clinical disciplines in making decisions regarding patient's care.

    Pharmacy Technician, CVS, XYZ, PA 2008 to 2010

    • Prepare medications under the direction of a pharmacist.
    • Measured, mix, counted out, labeled, and record amounts and dosages of medications.

    XYZ Cleaning Services, XYZ, PA 2001 to 2011

    • Hired, trained and supervised cleaning personnel.
    • Ensured quality cleaning services to maintain existing clients and obtain referrals.
    • Maintained adequate cleaning supplies.
    • Scheduled staff efficiently to complete all assignments.


    Caregiver for two Type 1 diabetic children (2003 to Present), monitor blood sugar, give insulin injections, program pump, evaluate insulin to carbohydrate ratios, and evaluate insulin sensitivity factors. Applied ongoing teaching for increased independence.
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    1100 views and nobody has any suggestions????? I would really appreciate feedback.
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    I always like to add volunteer work if you have any. Also I would kind of concise your first work experience . They like too look at a resume and skim it quick. Also in your additional information. Write what computer skills you have, and like any soft skills. Soft skills are like team work and communication. Hope this helps!!!