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  1. Hello everyone!! I have a predicament that I need help on... I went to a vocational school to become an lvn. I did really well through the whole program, until it came time to take my exit exam. I couldn't pass!! I knew all the content but because it was on a computer rather than a written test as I was used to for some reason I just couldn't pass. I "graduated" December 2011 but because I couldn't pass the exit exam I didn't receive my certificate until about December of 2012. I got really discouraged and down on myself and felt incompetent of my nursing knowledge. So I kept procrastinating. Until FINALLY I decided to just take the nclex. And in February of 2013 I took it and PASSED ON THE FIRST TRY!!!! I was and am so relieved! But now my problem is addressing this problem or not addressing it on my resume/interviewing process. I don't know the best approach for this situation. I could really use some advice because I really do love nursing and want to make it my career. I fear that no one will give me a chance though because of the large gap between my school history and the date I received my license. That and I also DO NOT have any professional nursing experience that almost ALL jobs require!
    Please help!!!!!
    Thank you,
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  3. by   Bayat
    Look it this way, the person you're looking at on the gurney ain't no computer terminal. Personally, I wouldn't bring it up unless asked and I doubt it would (but have an answer at the ready, just in case). If you're comfortable using a PC to type in data, I'm sure EMR software, like EPIC, shouldn't be that difficult.

    Emphasize your passing the boards on the first try during the interview. I hear it's an achievement in itself.

    On your resume, emphasize your clinical skills and any transferable skills (like customer service) from other jobs you've had.
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  4. by   amelendez805
    Ok, thanks for the great advice! I think I might just avoid it all together and go with the option of having something prepared to say just in case they do ask. Do u think they would judge by saying I needed personal time? Any other suggestions as to how I can best approach the subject?
    Also, for my resume I was thinking of just not putting dates for my schooling but indicating when I received my actual license?? I'm not too sure if that would be professionally acceptable or not.
    Thanks again for the resume advice, I really needed a second opinion or so to help me decide what to do so I can start my career as a nurse
  5. by   Bayat
    You'll have to put a graduation date since you're a recent grad. But just put the license number and leave off the date in your "licenses & certifcations" section in this pattern: "Registered Nurse in State of <state>, License number 123456789"

    About telling why you held off passing the finals and the boards, just spin the "truth": Your school just switched from a paper-based system to an electronic one which your class hadn't prepared for and couldn't go back and make corrections. So you needed the year to properly prepare to handle the new system and for the boards, which you aced on the first try.

    Or to paraphrase "Bones" McCoy: "Darnit Jim, I'm a nurse, not an engineer."
  6. by   amelendez805
    Ok that makes total sense. Now was to a resume outline what do u suggest since I don't have any background in the healthcare field other than my clinical experience at school. I've worked in a medical office for 2 doctors for 4 years as a receptionist, had various retail jobs, and am currently at a company that handles medical claims as a data entry clerk. I just get confused and overwhelmed with all the different styles and don't know which one would be best for me and what it would look like.

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