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    I will be graduating with my RN in May and am starting to get my resume ready. I met with a teacher today to go over what I have already and she recommended several things that were contrary to what I have heard about resumes in the past. I wanted to run them by others to see if these things were widely recommended or things I should avoid:

    1. I had always heard and always kept my resume to one page. My teacher said nursing resumes can (and frequently are) two pages. Is this true?

    2. It was recommended that I list job duty descriptions in a more narrative/paragraph form rather than bullet points. I always thought the bullet points were more concise and to the point than a short paragraph for each job I've had...

    3. I have been reading in other resume posts that the "professional objective" at the top of the resume is not really necessary. Should it be replaced with something or just begin the resume with licensure and education?

    4. Should hospital volunteering be listed under experience with a short description of what I did or just listed under a volunteering/community service section?

    I appreciate any advice regarding these things!
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    Look back at my posts on this subject.