Need help putting skills down on resume

  1. Hi everyone. I was hoping I could get some help with enhancing my skills on my resume. I work full-time in LTC as an LPN. I have some skills already on my resume but I'm drawing a blank and honestly don't know why I can't think of nursing skills to put on this resume. Please help me!
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    Do you speak any other languages? Certificates? Volunteer hours that are medical? Talk about being a loyal employee, fast learner, compassionate nurse. Not sure if I helped but I hope this helps!
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    LPN with 10 years of Long Term Care experience.
    Skilled in delegation and problem resolution.
    Familiarity with software applications: Excel, microsoft word, Meditech
    Up to date certifications: BCLS, EMT

    As staff nurse in LTC
    Accountable for pt assignment, facility operations and overall pt care.
    Documented nursing care within current Medicare and Medicaid standards.
    Identified signs of life threatening conditions such as sepsis and stroke.
    Resolution of of problems with patients, families or staff, analyzing needs and obtaining referrals to appropriate resources.
    Responsible for administration of oral, optic and IM subcutaneous and inhaled medications
    Performed clinical procedures within state board of nursing practice standards including care of wound vacs, various drainage devices, tracheal suctioning, enteral feedings, venipuncture for blood draws and assisted with multiple procedures.
    Educated patients on procedures, healthy lifestyles and preventative measures for maintaining good health.
    Assisted and encouraged patients to maintain optimum mobility and function.
    Provided compassionate care and comfort to the dying patient and their families.
    Collaborated with physicians and health care team to achieve optimum pt. care.
    Maintained a safe, harmonious, calm, and caring environment through the shift.
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    The last three headers will be:



    Professional Organizations

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    Thanks everyone! I think I was just having a mental block and when I looked over my resume, my skills didn't look very polished.