Including one-time volunteering events on resume?

  1. Hi all! I recently passed my NCLEX-RN and am beginning to go into full-time job hunting mode. Since I'm a new graduate, I have limited things to put on my resume. Currently, I have listed out under my "Experience" header some various one-time volunteering events I've participated in throughout nursing school. I thought it would be important to have these to help illustrate my leadership/educational/professional skills and highlight my extracurriculars. These events have all been through our school's chapter of our state's student nursing association, but were optional to sign up for and participate in them. Additionally, I helped lead some of the events.

    My resume is about a page and a half, so I have the room to leave them on. Since they're not exactly "verifiable," are they better left off and included in a cover letter?
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  3. by   llg
    I recommend listing them together under your entry for membership in the nursing student association. Say that you were an "active" member of the associate and then illustrate that by list the activities you participated in -- noting any leadership role you had in those activities. That way, you can still include the information while taking up a minimal amount of space. Omit the things for which your participation was minimal -- e.g. you just showed up for an hour or two and went to a meeting, or manned a booth, or some other minimal activity. But keep the ones for which you actually put in several hours of work and/or provided leadership for a team.