help with first RN job resume and coverletter

  1. I'm looking for "help" to fix/improve my resume, bulk of 'cover letter'. It has been a while since I graduated, so still looking for a first job. I'd be fine with looking for a CNA position at this point. So, not sure what I should change in it for a CNA (with hopes of an RN position at that location) vs RN position. I know a lot of people say "don't put on your clinical sites" and "don't use an objective/professional profile". I just don't see what else I should put in its place.


    Phone, Email:


    Registered nurse with background in science and healthcare. Key strengths include: experience working and collaborating with diverse groups of people, new employee training, critical thinking, and laboratory research skills. Desire to hone clinical skills and improve patient care and quality of life. Possess strong organizational skills.

    X University September xxxx (1+yrs ago)
    - Bachelor of Science, Nursing, Accelerated Program
    - National Student Nurses' Association Member
    Y University May xxxx
    - Bachelor of Arts, Biology
    - Minor: German
    Community College of Z May xxxx
    - Associates of Applied Sciences, Medical Laboratory Technology
    - Phi Theta Kappa member

    - Registered Nurse (A, B Compact State, C - pending), CNA (B) ACLS, BLS, Wilderness First Responder

    Critical Care, name/city
    Gerontological Nursing, name/city
    Telemetry Medical/Surgical, name/city
    Pediatric Nursing, name/city
    Community and Public Health, name/city
    Labor and Delivery, Post Partum, Nursery, name/city
    Mental Health, name/city
    Orthopedic Medical/Surgical, name/city
    Fundamentals, name/city

    Laboratory Technician II yyyy-yyyy (6 yrs)
    Supervisors: (names)
    - Executed in vivo and in vitro experiments related to hemophilia and gene therapy using clean and sterile technique
    - Analyzed tissue samples (blood, biopsy) from human and animal experiments
    - Kept detailed records through laboratory notebooks and computer applications
    - Maintained required annual certifications
    - Co-author on ten peer-reviewed journal publications
    - Trained new co-workers to perform experiments and use equipment


    Bulk of cover letter:

    Dear Hiring Manager (name if I can find it),
    I am applying for a xyz position at abc. (stuff about why I would want to work there)

    As a research associate, my supervisor gave me the nickname "magic hands" as I had excellent technical skills and reliable results for various experiments. My background in medical technology helped reinforce my understanding of the laboratory results and illnesses found in healthcare settings. While working, I often used Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as various proprietary programs for different instruments. I am very comfortable using both computer and paper forms of documentation.

    My clinical education gave me the opportunity to experience a variety of hospital settings, including urban and suburban hospitals as well as a retirement community. During my critical care rotation, I visited the emergency department, ICU, operating room and shadowed a wound care nurse. I spent clinical rotations at X and Y on their telemetry floors.

    Thank you for your time and interest in my application. I look forward to scheduling an interview at your convenience. Please feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail if you have any questions. It would be an honor to work with Place.
    Name, RN, BSN
    Email Phone
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  3. by   rose_njarvis
    Looks promising. Being nit picky, I think you must have the name of the hiring manager. Take the time to research the web, or call the facility and ask for the name. That is my opinion.