Desperate New Grad RN :( can someone take a look at my resume and CV please?

  1. Hello Everyone!

    First and foremost, I would like to say thank you in advance to those who took the time to read this and reply with some feedback! Any criticism is helpful and I and I am very thankful to hear other people's opinions in which I can learn from my mistakes in this job hunting business!

    I recently graduated from my nursing program in December of 2011 with an Associates Degree in Nursing. And I have recently gotten accepted to a BSN program and will start in August. Currently, I have three part time jobs that and I work every single day to help pay the bills. My first job is a nursing tutor for the program where I got my nursing degree at. I LOVE this job and I see myself being a nursing instructor one day! I also work for my schools nursing department in the SKills Lab, where I do the inventory, and set up the simulations and assist the nursing instructors with the set up of their classes. My last job is in the customer service industry and I have been working there for the last 5 years.

    I did fairly well in the nursing program and I graduated with a overall GPA of 3.7 (with my nursing school GPA of 3.6). And, I was placed in an ICU internship during my last rotation. I currently have ACLS, BLS, NIH stroke scale, AHA Rapid STEMI care ID, EKG & Basic Dysrhythmias certifications. I also plan on taking MORE certs that are related to Critical Care (i.e. 12 lead EKG). I also belong to a bunch of associations (ANA, American Critical Care Nurses, American heart association) Anyway, I am fairly desperate in finding a job right now. I will be losing my two jobs at the school next month because of the summer intersession and I need to find a RN job! Reading over some threads about how some very qualified people are still looking for jobs for the past year is pretty distressing and I just want to get some input on my resume and CV because I have not been getting ANY calls.

    People keep telling me to volunteer. But @ this moment it is SO hard to work everyday and work 3 jobs! I DO plan on volunteering next month because I will have more time on my hands. The idea of joining the Peace Corp has also crossed my mind because I think it would be a great experience for me personally--and I was wondering if you all think that is a good idea? If I do join the Peace Corp, will Nursing recruiters care to look at that when I come back and try to find an RN job?

    Also, does anyone have any ideas on what additional certs I should take for critical care? I am running out of ideas on what classes to take?
    ANY feedback is helpful for me! And I greatly appreciate it!
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  3. by   RNHURT

    Having three part time jobs plus starting school( BSN) will be too much on your plate one day, may lead to lot of stress. I completely agree that these days finding job is very difficult but if you are based in california then I can pm you some places where they are hiring now. I believe social networking helps a lot in getting job these days then getting certificates.

    One sees job online, think that her or his resume is best but then you get rejection email that position has been filled. Most of the time it has been already decided who would they hire and advertising is just for legal reasons.Try to go direct on floor and meet nurse managers if you can, I volunteered for 9 months in local hospital in school and in the end I was told the position was filled.
    These days only recommendation and friendship helps. Anyhow I still feel you'll get your dream job one day and might just need to brush up your resume. Good luck
  4. by   ToughingItOut
    Have you considered military nursing? I don't know how you feel about it, but they train new grads and the benefits are amazing. I just don't know if you need to already have your BSN. Maybe they have a program?
  5. by   runna909
    You have so many certifications, wow! I am a recent grad too (this month), and have had unofficial offers from an ICU in a hospital in Knoxville, TN, but I am moving to CA. The job market in Knoxville is excellent compared to other areas of the country, although they might have filled most positions by this case you have the option of moving.

    PS have you thought of getting a job in another department, and transferring later? At least you'd get your foot in the door and make RN salary.
  6. by   runna909
    I meant to say that I would be happy to look over your resume, too, if you want to PM it to me.
  7. by   Candyn
    R. Yusi
    Are you only looking for job in ICU?

    So you are not taking the ICU position? The market is pretty bad in CA. Make sure you start looking early or only move when you have job offer.

    Best luck
  8. by   runna909
    It was not a legit clinical instructor form my school recommended me really highly to the manager, and I had an informal interview with her, but I never completed my application because I am set on moving. Dumb, huh! The nurse recruiters really want new grads, and there are supposed to be 9 positions for new grads in the ICU there.

    But I am leaving Knoxville to have a new experience. I am apprehensive about moving without a job though...may take your advice (and listen to my gut) and make my man move by himself until I have an offer. I'm thinking that if i have a local address it will make me more likely to get an interview at least--i don't know.
  9. by   HeadRNBSN40
    OMG how so true and VERY DARN sad this is, I've been a RN for almost 2 years and still don't have a job but hoping that this changes in the next month due to someone in my close network knowing the CEO of th hospital! Its so sad that nursing has come to the good old buddy system. You scratch my back, and I'll do the same. It makes me mad when I have my BSN license and and new grad who hasn't even graduated yet gets an interview and a job is held for them until they take the NCLEX, meanwhile I'm just sitting here like *** how did you get a job and you haven't even tested yet!!! So its all about who you know, not what you know and defiantly not about certifications.
  10. by   r.yusi

    I understand that taking on 3 part time jobs and starting my BSN school will be way too much for me! I plan on quiting my customer service position, but I plan on keeping my tutoring and skills lab job becauseI can keep in touch with my nursing instructors AND I just really do have a passion for teaching! And I am based in that would be really nice of you if you can PM me some places are hiring J I’d really appreciate it! …that is shocking to know that some hospitals already decided on who they would hire and their advertising is just for legal reasons! I really didn’t know that ! and I think that is TOTAL BS and I am sorry that happened to you!! Are you working now? (sorry for the language)

    I will be taking your advice! This summer I plan on just going from hospital to hospital and just show my face around everywhere! P.S . I am new to the site and I don’t think I have the ability to do I get the ability to PM? Also my email address is if you could send it there for the time being that would be great! Thanks again!
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  11. by   r.yusi
    - YES I HAVE REALLY CONSIDERED MILITARY TRAINING! My aunt got her ICU training through the army and it worked out well for her (however, that was way back in the day!) boyfriend is an EX-MEDIC of the US army..ive tossed the idea about going to the military to him and he does NOT want me to go to the military! He tells me of the stories of how girls get harassed (and much worse things….) and how they do not do anything about it!, and he is greatly concerned of my safety! What do you think?

    - Congratulations on graduating!! And that is GREAT that you have unofficial offers in Knoxville! Is there a particular reason that you are moving to CA? I am based here in CA and The job market here sucks for new grads L Unless you have an official offer here in CA…I wouldn’t move, but im just speaking from the job hunting perspective! If there are other reasons then that’s understandable. And I would love to PM my resume to you..however I do not have that ability yet because I am new to the site. I can email it to you if that is okay?
    - Oh and I am applying to different units, not just the ICU…the only units I am not really interested in is maternity/OB…my ultimate goal is to be in the ICU, but I know that those ICU offers are not always im very happy with med surg/ telemetry..etc..believe me, have applied to those units!

    - No..I am looking for a job in other units as well (medsurg/oncology/telemetry)…the only unit im not interested in maternity/OB/Postpartum..ultimate goal is to be in the ICU or other Critical Care units…
    - Any advice on other certs I can take that is geared more towards Critical care units?
  12. by   r.yusi
    - That is so unfortunate! I am sorry that this has happened to you, and I hope you get that job! I cannot believe how this job search is not about well qualified individuals anymore and how it is about people you know!! It is so AGGREVATING! I told my friend about an opening at a local hospital! I APPLIED BUT she MISSED the deadline to apply online! MY friend knew someone and that someone gave my friends resume to the charge nurse…and BOOM! She got a job!! I know I was more qualified than she was and I was just overwhelmed about how that all came to be! Anyway…It really is sad…I try to network and I have friends who say they can help me out…but it seems like It never goes through! Maybe I should just be more persistent?
  13. by   r.yusi
    Does anyone know where I can do some Humanitarian Missions? or where to start looking for them? Ive heard of people taking 2week trips to different parts of the world to provide health care to people in need. Has anyone heard of this?
  14. by   runna909

    Cool, glad you're applying to all kinds of places too!
    About moving to CA (Fresno): I just decided to do boyfriend of about 4.5 yrs just got a federal job there that he's thrilled about, and I decided I'd move too, since I have my mind set on moving away from my hometown, at least for a few years.
    The job market sounds really scary though...I have some money saved up, but wouldn't want to blow it just waiting on finding a job. I do have some reservations about going.
    About your resume, I don't think I want to put me email address on here, otherwise I would read it for sure! I think it's fun to compare writing and get feedback from others on it.

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