Can I include this on my resume?

  1. I will be graduating from nursing school in June, so I've been slowly putting together my resume. I'm wondering if it's appropriate to include care for sick family members...

    Over the last few months I have been caring for my FIL through his throat cancer treatment. I feel that this experience has GREATLY contributed to my abilities as a nurse (MANY hours of assessments, tube feedings, med admin, wound care, hospital observation, etc), but I don't know if it's appropriate to include this on a resume. What do you guys think?
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  3. by   llg
    As someone on the receiving end of resumes, I am OK with it as long as it is not over-emphasized. State that you did it, what skills it involved and then move on to your more professional items.
  4. by   dragonfly.
    Thank you for the quick response! Where would I put it on my resume? And how would I title it?
  5. by   RunBabyRN
    I would put it in your cover letter, and perhaps in a summary of skills. Or you could even do a section with a title along the lines of "other applicable experience" with a line or two about that, and ideally some volunteer experience or something as well.