any help with my resume would be gladly appreciated

  1. Hi i graduated in May 2012 passed my NCLEX in august 2012 been applying to as many positions as i can i first told myself i would apply anywhere except ob and pych now months are going by starting not to care as long as its in a hospital i got ACLS certified to show i have been doing something while looking for work. i been looking on this site been seeing mix advice on whether to do away with objective since im a new grad someone told me about just doing a summary in the beginning of resume instead of objective any help is greatly appreciated


    . Extremely motivated new Graduate RN seeking position within an acute care setting that will cultivate the utilization and advancement of my education, skill, and Training.

    Long Island University School of Nursing
    Bachelor of Science - May 2012

    Clinical Experience
    Hospital-Preceptor-ship Respiratory Care (March-May 2012)
    - Hospital-Home Health Services (January-May 2012)
    - Hospital- Sub-Specialty/diabetes/ pediatrics clinic (September-December 2011)
    - Hospital -Medical Surgical (September-December 2011)
    - Hospital - Pediatric (September-November 2011)
    - Hospital- Psychiatric (January-April 2011)
    - Hospital -Maternity (January-March 2011)
    - Nursing Home-Geriatrics (October-December 2010)

    Professional Experience:

    Nursing & Rehabilitation Facility 2009- 2010
    - Measured and recorded vital signs, intake and output, assisting with daily activities, transferred patients, and maintained clean and safe environment

    - Observed and reported changes in patient status to Registered Nurse, and communicated with patients concern to staff

    - Assisted nurse in bed side procedures (ex. ulcer care, wound VAC)

    Volunteer Experience:
    The Hospital 2009- 2011 271.5 Hours
    Neonatal Intensive Care Unit-Desk clerk

    License, Certifications and Skills:
    - New York State License Registered Nurse- expires July 2015
    - American Heart Association ACLS certified - expires November 2014
    - American Heart Association BLS Certified_- expires August 2014
    - Patient Care Technician- expires September 2012
    - Certified Phlebotomist- expires May 2012
    - Proficient in Microsoft Applications
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  3. by   caseywestt
    List any awards/honors that you have! Ex: dean's list, nursing honor societies, etc. It looks like you have great experience!
  4. by   heron21
    Unless you are applying to a facility where you completed your clinical, then I would not have listed your clinical sites. All nursing programs require clinicals, so your clinical list does nothing to let you stand out, UNLESS, again, if you can show to the potential employer that "I completed a clinical HERE at your facility and loved it so much that I want to WORK HERE."

    Your certification list is impressive. Did you utilize these skills as an Orderly? For example, did you draw blood, perform EKG's etc.? If so, specifically list this under your employment as an Orderly. With that said, volunteer experience can be a great highlight on your resume, but we can't tell what you did there exactly. Try to list accomplishments, if you can, rather than simple job descriptions. Be specific about skills you have done, or have experience in (i.e., don't say "bedside procedures" and simply state examples in parenthesis-- It almost downplays these valuable experiences!). Instead, say something like, " Assist nurse in bedside procedures including care for Stages I-IV ulcers,.....X, Y, Z." And of course, include skills that you were able to do independently, like, " Assist in patient ambulation, hygiene care, X,Y,Z. Removal of peripheral IV's, foley catheters (if you did these), X, Y, Z...."

    Remember in a resume, it's not so much what you've done, but what you've accomplished. Show off your successes! Brag a little (or a lot) about what you can do, your proven skills! Good luck to you!
  5. by   bigp71
    thanks heron21 i will highlight volunteer experiences and orderly skills, yeah been applying to the hospitals i did clinical's at. got certified after i left job to finish nursing school.still glad i got certified cause was not afraid giving injections in some of my clinical's because of that course.
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  6. by   bigp71
    thanks! caseywestt will do
  7. by   coughdrop.2.go
    If you were able to do charting during clinicals with any EMR's then I would list the name of that program. I know most people say don't put your clincial sites but as I'm applying for certain hospitals, mostly Magnet sites, they want to see your clincial sites, dates, and hours so I leave it. Plus I add my Simulation hours because I think that's a good thing to note that during this roation I had X amount of Simulation hours. A lot of hospitals are implementing simulation in to their practices so that makes you stand out a bit. So far so good
  8. by   bigp71
    thanks for advice i did charting in my pediatric clinical thats about it nurses on floor would just show me how it works if they had the time

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