Adding Current Education to a Resume

  1. Hi!

    I had a baby last year and now i need to look for work.

    I have been accepted into the RPN (LPN in Ontario) program for September.
    I have been taking some classes online since November to get some classes out of the way to lighten my course load.

    I'd like to add my education to my resume. The classes I've completed and also that i've been accepted and will be starting RPN program in September.

    I want to apply for a position in LTC by my house. They have a position for Activity Coordinator and requirements are you've either completed a program or are currently enrolled in a related area of study.

    I would like to know what is the best way to add education to my resume when i'm currently in the process of getting that education.

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  3. by   libran1984
    You can divide your education into categories: completed and in progress