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Anyone out there have info on the school in Arecibo, PR? It is a 24 month program that begins in August. I'd love to hear anything, thanks. zzzzzgirl... Read More

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    ...As far as Turabo, I haven't checked anything out there, because it looks like they're not accredited?? I do NOT want to have to stay on this island after graduating, so I want to make sure I'll have no problems making the transfer to the U.S. I really wish I could go to Turabo though, because that's not far at all from me, probably like 10 minutes.
    Turabo is accredited by the CCNE. It has a better reputation academically as well. I spoke to one of the Deans in English, over the phone, 6 months ago. All the classes are in Spanish, and it's not like an accelerated-type program. It is normally a 4 year program with the general ed. type classes mixed in. She said it would be possible to obtain credit for these classes by having transcripts evaluated etc. Apparently, it's a good school. Give them a call.
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    Hey Thanks for all the info. I may go to Puerto Rico and check out the school. Anyone currently attending? How did u find housing?
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    Thanks for the info on Turabo! I think I'll stick with La Inter because I want to hurry up and get my degree. I don't want to mess around for another 4 years. I'm 31 already, I need to do something with my life!

    As far as housing and cars go http://www.clasificadosonline.com. That is the BEST resource for anything you want to buy here. It's kinda like our Craigslist. Speaking of Craigslist, don't even bother with it here in PR, it's pretty dead and what little there is are mostly scams.

    I would look for a house instead of an apartment. We don't have tons of apartments like they do in the U.S. I guess in the metropolitan area you will find some, but they will likely be very, very expensive. You can find houses here for a decent price, maybe even $500 or $600 for a 3 bedroom! Just a word of caution...if you are looking into housing and see the word "Residencial" in the address--RUN. The residenciales are our projects, and they are terrible--full of crime. I'm sure you would probably have to go through the government for that kind of housing, so you probably won't ever find anything like that, but I just wanted to warn you, "just in case."

    Hmm, what else?? Oh, a silly little tidbit of info. When you're driving down here, you don't have to pull over if you see a policeman with his lights on. You only have to pull over if you hear the siren. That is something really different than the States, so I thought I'd let you guys know so you're not killing yourselves trying to pull over LOL Also, if you're just starting to drive here, I recommend learning the area during the day before you go driving at night. I say that because there are a lot of missing stop signs, HUGE potholes, etc. It's better to learn the area first. For instance, my daughter goes to school in the pueblo, which is basically like the downtown--every town has one. Anyway, they're all one way streets down there, and you'll be driving with traffic one minute, and then all of the sudden traffic will go against you, without warning. You have to make like a giant circle to get where you're going. So, unless you know the roads you'll be REALLY stressed. And most streets don't have street signs. It's madness I tell ya! I always say if you can drive in PR, you can drive anywhere LOL But it's fun.

    I look forward to meeting all of you in August! Any questions let me know.
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    I plan on applying to Inter for the English Trimester program starting in either August of November 2010. I've already sent out my application, I just need to send my transcripts at this point. I have a few questions for those of you in the know.

    1. Once you send out your application and all materials, how long until you receive a response?

    2. If you have completed all your core/standard pre-nursing courses (nutrition, Anat/Phys, microbio etc.) how long does it take to complete the bachelor's degree? In addition, how much does it cost?

    3. Are clinicals in English or Spanish? What is it like adjusting to a Spanish speaking area? I took Spanish in high school and still remember most of the words, but how long until I would be fluent enough to treat a patient who only speaks Spanish?

    4. What is the employment outlook like for nurses in Puerto Rico? What is the pay like?
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    Hi metrogirl!

    As far as the time it takes to hear back from the school after applying...it depends. They took over a month to get my credits transferred over from my school in Orlando. You should be accepted into the college within about a week, but transferring credits definitely takes longer. Apparently there is only one person who does that, and it is a very, very busy college. So, give yourself plenty of time for that.

    You don't even need the classes that you listed. Here is a brochure with the courses listed for each trimester--it's in English: http://www.metro.inter.edu/facultad/...elorDegree.pdf
    Now, if you have all of those classes, you can finish in 2 years, otherwise it's a little over 2 1/2 years.

    The cost of the program (I've heard) is around $18,000. My hubby has been taking general courses for almost a year now, and each trimester of 12 hours has cost a little over $3,000.

    During the clinicals, you'll be dealing with Spanish speaking patients, but you will have a bilingual nurse guiding you and I'm sure they'll be instructing you in English. Many Puerto Ricans know at least some English, especially in the Metro area. Still, you'll have to know some things of course. I'm sure you'll catch on quick, watching how the nurse deals with the patients.

    I am pretty much fluent in Spanish, though there are still some things I don't know. It's a constant learning process I guess. I don't think you'll have a very tough time adjusting here, because you can almost always find at least one person who knows English that can help you out. If you spend a lot of time in the San Juan area, you'll be golden, because that's a high tourist area and most businesses want their employees to be bilingual.

    As far as working as a nurse here in PR--don't do it. I don't know about the job outlook (our overall unemployment rate is almost 17%) but the pay is complete crap. I think they start out around $9 or $10, no joke. I've mentioned this before, but my husband's cousin has worked in the same place for 20 years, is basically the top nurse there, has a master's degree and makes $14. That is INSANE! The cost of living is just as high, if not higher, than the U.S. We have to pay more because they import a lot of stuff. I was at Wal-Mart the other day, and it was $5.50 for a tube of Pilsbury sugar cookies! Our milk is $5.60 a gallon, no matter where you buy it. You want to cook with some green peppers? It's gonna set you back about $5.00. We do have the Wal-Mart brand stuff, which saves a lot of money in the long run.

    Anything else you want to know, just ask. I'm starting in August, and I'm looking forward to meeting all of you! Oh, speaking of that, I don't think they start in November, so be careful with that! In January I got all excited because someone told me on the phone that they were starting in February too. I went up to the college and nope, just once a year in August.
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    Thanks for the quick response! Just to clarify, once my transcript is sent out, you think it will take a week to receive an acceptance?
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    Also, how many people are in each class? I just found out about Inter a few weeks ago and I am just now sending out my transcript. I am worried that everything won't be ready before the August 2010 program start, so I am wondering if there is a wait list, or if I will definitely be accepted.

    I love the idea of living in PR, as I have never left the States and I want to try a new experience. What is it like? Is it safe (especially at night time)? Is there a lot of nightlife?

    What is the best thing to do about a car?

    Do I need to submit immunization records? Other than your app and transcript, what did you send?

    Also, is the dress casual on campus, or more formal?

    In San Juan, what are the people like? Young, old, English/Spanish speakers? PR natives/transplants? I'm trying to get a better sense of the area.

    Do you know any programs with hospitals where they will pay your tuition in exchange for work? The tuition is cheap, but I do want to live in PR and work for a few years. It would be a great chance to experience other culture.

    Also, have you ventured to other islands in the Caribbean?

    Also, how easy is it to contact ppl at the school? Do you have any recommendations for plan of attack after I submit my transcript??

    Thanks in advance for reading all these questions!
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    hey! i sent you a pm

    Quote from metrogirl
    also, how many people are in each class? i just found out about inter a few weeks ago and i am just now sending out my transcript. i am worried that everything won't be ready before the august 2010 program start, so i am wondering if there is a wait list, or if i will definitely be accepted.

    i'm not sure how many people are in each class, but there isn't a wait list. i went up there a few days after classes started last august and they told me that if i talked to the director i could probably still get in! i didn't want to rush it though. you should be fine with your transcripts. just be proactive and make sure that they received them and are reviewing them.

    i love the idea of living in pr, as i have never left the states and i want to try a new experience. what is it like? is it safe (especially at night time)? is there a lot of nightlife?

    pr is absolutely beautiful. yes, it's hot, sticky and humid, but it's still gorgeous. as far as safety, hmmm, it's like any other big city. you just have to be mindful of your surroundings. as far as night time, you should be fine. i mean, i wouldn't go wandering around just for the sake of wandering around at night, but to the store and everything is fine. if you can go out with a group of other people--even better. i wouldn't carry a ton of money on you if you're going out at night, but again, that's like any other big city. just precautions, that's all. there are tonssss of things to do in regards to nightlife. hanging out in san juan is a lot of fun. there's isla verde too, which is full of stuff to do.

    what is the best thing to do about a car?

    to find a car, go to http://www.clasificadosonline.com. that is, if you want a used car. new car, go to the dealer, of course. word of caution about used cars. here in pr, the tickets go with the car, not the person. you need to ask the person if there are any tickets on the car before buying it. we have something called a "marbete" here, which is a sticker that goes on the windshield. that's like the car's registration. if there are any tickets, you will have to pay those when you get the marbete, and that itself costs around $200. you have to get an inspection too before you get it, which is like $30 or $40. anyway, with the marbete you get a basic insurance that lasts the whole year until you renew again. it's basic, but it's awesome not to have to spend $100 on car insurance every month like you do in the u.s.!!! but again, make sure that there are no tickets on the car before you buy one. you could get a good deal, and then get hit with $1,000 in tickets--not so good anymore lol oh, and you will need a car, because public transportation here sucks. we have these 1980's chevy vans called a guagua publica, and you don't want to use those. they do have buses in the metro area, and we have a train too, but it's still nothing like public transportation in the states.

    do i need to submit immunization records? other than your app and transcript, what did you send?

    you need immunization records, yes. i just have my app and transcript in now. i still have to do all the stuff to get into the nursing program itself. but you will need the shot records, a cpr certificate and a certificate from the police here that you have no criminal record. there's a link where you can get one online, i'll get it for you.

    also, is the dress casual on campus, or more formal?

    oh lord, don't even get me started with the way they dress on campus. the women look like they're going to a freaking nightclub instead of college. skirts, high heels, sleeveless tops. so yeah, you can basically wear whatever you want. the nursing school has a uniform though.

    in san juan, what are the people like? young, old, english/spanish speakers? pr natives/transplants? i'm trying to get a better sense of the area.

    san juan is a nice little mix of everything. old, young, puerto ricans, tourists, transplants. you can find everything in san juan.

    do you know any programs with hospitals where they will pay your tuition in exchange for work? the tuition is cheap, but i do want to live in pr and work for a few years. it would be a great chance to experience other culture.

    i don't know of any programs like that, no. the nursing school does have a grant i believe. my husband got a letter about it. i did read somewhere here that you basically get your lpn after being in the program for a while, and i know that you can work in the hospitals with that.

    also, have you ventured to other islands in the caribbean?

    never been to other islands, sorry!

    also, how easy is it to contact ppl at the school? do you have any recommendations for plan of attack after i submit my transcript??

    contacting people at the school is a joke. it's frustrating, but honestly, that's how everything is here. everyone is laid back and they're not jumping to help you lol there is one counselor in the english trimester office that is amazing. he's the only one that i go see--ever. i never even try to call, i just go to the school to save some frustration lol

    thanks in advance for reading all these questions!

    no prob!
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    Misty, I called to ask about the Police form..I need help with that but you answered my question although I wonder when does the fall deadline for the nursing program is(just dont want to wait to long) I just wanted to turn everything in at once!
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    For those of you who are having problems reading the forms or emails the University is sending there may be help (Google Translate). Google Translate My spanish is a little rusty and Google Translate has relieved "some" of my frustration with the university.
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    I will be starting the 2yr bsn in August. I will move there in July to get set up with car and housing. I'm dead set on living in Ocean Park or nearby. There are studios, but the best bet is sharing a 2br. You can get very nice places close to the beach for around 1000.
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    Thanks again for the info. Im going to apply asap. I have been on the inter metro site so many times and I dont see an online application. Is snail mail the only option? I looked into having my car shipped to PR its about $1080 from NYC. I may take a trip out there to speed up the process and look for housing (if I get in). I have a friend from high school that lives in the next town.
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    Hey! Here's the online app. Choose option 5:

    I'm really excited and I'm sending out my transcripts tomorrow for consideration. In the event that I do attend (which would be very likely, provided that my application is processed before August),
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