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Nursing or Psychology? Help with indecision!

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If you could go back in time, would you still have chosen to become a nurse?

  1. 1. If you could go back in time, would you still have chosen to become a nurse?

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      Yes. I love being a nurse and find it meaningful.
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      I am mostly satisfied with being a nurse.
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      I completely regret my decision to become a nurse.
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      I wish I would have entered a different health-related field.
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      I wish I would have pursued an entirely different degree.

Nursing or Psychology?

Greetings, nurses and students. I am at a crossroads with indecision and could use some advice! Since going back to school at 26 (two years ago), I have debated whether to pursue a career in nursing or psychology. Originally, I was a psychology major, but had such a fascination and knack for biology that I began pondering health careers, and now I am in pre-nursing. I am one semester away from entering nursing clinical (I must apply first), but I am becoming exceedingly anxious whether I am making the right decision. I always imagined having a practice one day where I can promote well-being, offer tools to reduce stress, and help others to heal/make positive changes in their lives. I am fascinated by neuroscience, as well as complimentary alternative medicines and therapies such as movement/dance therapy.

I can envision what I would like to achieve in the future, but don't know whether to get there via nursing or psychology. I was recently offered a potential full scholarship to a prestigious University, which blew my mind, but that would be for psychology/neuroscience. It sounds like an amazing opportunity, but as most of us know, it is a much longer degree choice. I was almost certain on becoming a nurse, but lately I have heard so many negative comments about nursing from nurses, which is slightly discouraging.

I am wondering if any nurses could give me insight. Do you think it would be better to become a nurse practitioner possibly specializing in mental health, or should I dive into psychology? For anyone that has debated between nursing and psychology before, do you regret your decision to become a nurse? Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!


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