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Nursing prerequisites

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by Kimberlyoch Kimberlyoch (New Member) New Member Nurse

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Hello, Im currently an LPT but I eventually want to become an RN. However, I still have to knock down my prerequisites but since Im working full time I cant attend college at the moment. Anyone knows of some accelerated online courses that I can take? Or if that type of online courses would be validated by my local community college?

I need the following courses:

  • General Human Anatomy (4 units)
  • General Human Physiology (4 units)
  • Medical Microbiology (4 units)

So far I only know that SCU offers them but they are crazy expensive!


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Both A&P and Microbiology are classes that many nursing programs will not accept online courses of.

Additionally, I have heard of the CA BRN rejecting endorsement applications (from out-of-state applicants) due to applicants taking Micro without a lab component.

I would double-check with your nursing programs of interest to see if they do in fact, accept online courses.

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FullGlass has 1 years experience as a BSN, MSN and works as a Adult and Geriatric Primary Care NP.

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The only one of these courses I would say is okay to take online is Physiology.  You really need to take Anatomy and Micro in person.  Many nursing schools will not accept an online Micro class.  In Anatomy, you really need to be able to handle the bones and body parts to understand their composition.  

Most community colleges have evening and weekend classes.  You can also ask your employer if you can take a specified amount of time off if you have to take a day class.  Maybe you can work longer hours on certain days to make up for class time.  Or you might have to cut back your hours a bit to get these classes done.

Another option for prereqs are Extension classes.  The UC and State colleges have extension classes which are open to anyone, but they are more expensive than regular tuition as they are self-supporting.  UCLA and UCSD Extension, for example, have excellent science courses that will meet nursing and med school prereqs.  Check every single UC and State Extension separately to see which courses are offered and which are online.  Some of the for-profit colleges like National University also offer some prereqs.  Finally, some nursing schools offer prereqs, both online and in-person.  Johns Hopkins offers nursing prereqs online to anyone.

There is limited financial aid available for Extension courses.  These courses may also qualify for special tax deductions/credits.

If you want to get a headstart, you can use free sources like Coursera to take online classes (not for credit) which will help when you take the class for actual credit.

It is very hard to get these prereqs done as they are generally impacted and hard to get into.  I was living in Los Angeles which completing mine and literally took classes at just about every LACC campus, as well as UCLA Extension, UC Berkeley Extension, and Mira Costa CC in Oceanside.  

Good luck.



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Alex_RN has 3 years experience and works as a RN.

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You need to very careful and make sure the pre-reqs you take are accepted by the program you want. All of the classes you listed were required in-person and with additional lab in my program.

Meet with a counselor at the program you want and then work backwards to plan your pre-reqs and anything else you might be able to take ahead of time. 

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