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Nursing prerequisites and online/clep science classes


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I am unclear as to how exactly science courses work under clep and online courses for nursing prerequisites. I asked the UT Houston Medical Center as to how exactly clep and online courses worked with their program and all they told me was that they would accept 6 hours of clep courses for transfer. I was not told whether they were applicable with clep or through online courses, as they aren't applicable through med school or any other higher medical field. Would anyone happen to know the general consensus for these credits through other sources?

Clep is totally different than online. Online is very, very widely accepted as equal to a traditional class as long as you get it through an accredited college Check which accedidation, though, that matters sometimes... you usually don't have to worry about state universities or reputable community colleges but some of the tech schools (like are advertised in the middle of the night on tv) might be okay but need to be careful with. Check that they are accredited and then dig into who accredited them. Also, try to get a feel for their reputation.

Clep is by far the cheapest and easiest way to get credit though, so it is worth checking out even though it is less universally accepted. I have seen no patterns to what is accepted or the reasons given by the schools for their policies. Personally, I think the schools have limited acceptance of Clep because they would rather students took (paid for) classes.

Anyway, schools usually limit clep in various ways. Some will take only certain clep tests (they will have a list of which they will accept). Some will accept clep for gen ed classes but not for classes in the major. Some will accept almost any of the clep tests but only so many credits that way. Some will accept clep that they administer but not if you take it anywhere else. The state university my daughter goes to would not accept clep credits outright but accepted her entire transcript from the community college including the clep credits on that transcript.

Some will waive a class requirement as in having to take an otherwise specifically required class. If you are trying to do something unusual like a double major or a strong emphasis in a certain area, that can be useful. If you are taking a very standard route, it might make scheduling easier or it may not save you anything (because of having to take a minimum number of credits).

This is all for undergrad, I haven't looked regarding grad schools. If they said six hours of clep, that is just the clep. Online would be a totally different catagory and unrelated to that six hours.

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Ya my school rio hondo accepts certain clep tests so I'm going to do as many as possible... I bought the "official" book from borders....

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I could CLEP out a few classes, but the U I was looking at would only give me the equivalent of a C grade for them. No thanks, I like my GPA where it's at. Check first what they will give you for them, it could mean the difference between an acceptance or a rejection.

And, as Saysfaa said, online classes are totally different. I will graduate with my A.S. this spring and all my classes have been online, AP, Micro and Chem included. All of these classes, but two, are 'guaranteed transfer' here in CO, so there is no problem with them or the accreditation. They don't even show up as being done online on my transcripts. I took the classes I was going to CLEP online instead and got to add 4.0s to my transcript rather than 2.0s. Much better!

Hi Sand_Dollar where did you take your classes online can you tell me I'm currently a LPN and going for my AAS in nursing Took a/p 1 still need a/p 11 and eng comp 11 and micro