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we are doing an oral presentation in our internship class and i need to discuss Standards and Scope of Nursing Practice. i would like to give some history about how the Nursing Practice Standards came to be but i'm not having any luck with my internet searches. can anyone point me in the right direction? thanks for any help!

try to tap the net on the Board of Nursing in your state...or call and get a current copy of scope of practice...also why not get input from the real world from nurses you know and give examples of standards and scope of practice??? good luck !!!

Just 150 years ago, the nursing profession did not exist as we know it. In 1895, the American Nurses Association was formed and called for laws to raise nursing standards. In 1902, nurses in NC decided to organize and enact changes in the law to legally define the scope and practice for nursing. Mary Louise White was instrumental in this process. North Carolina was the first state with a nurse practice act in 1903. Other states' nurse practice acts were then modeled after North Carolina's model. North Carolina also has the proud distinction of being the only state in the US to elect its own Board of Nursing (all RN's, LPN's in the state are eligible to vote) smile.gif (Other states' BON are formulated by doctors frown.gif polititicians, etc.)

The American Nurses Association and North Carolina Board of Nursing would be excellent sources of information.

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Check out the October 2000 issue of American Journal of Nursing as it Celebrated 100 years of Nursing Practice.

2 Books available that discuss in detail your subject are:Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing, third edition, by Ginny Wacker Guido chapter 11 encompasses Nurse practice acts,Licensure,and Scope of Practice; Nursing Now! Today's Issues, Tomorrow's Trends, second edition, by Joseph T. Catalano, Chapter 2, discusses The evolution of Licensure, certification and Nursing organizations. Hope these help you. If you can't find these where you live you can get them through Lake State Superior University Campus shoppe in Sault Ste.Marie, MI 1-888-800-LSSU. NN

thanks to everyone who answered my request for direction! i really appreciate all the help that i find on this web-site. everyone is so nice,it must be because we're nurses!!!

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