Nursing positions in the Hiram area?


So, my bf built a beautiful home in Hiram, and though I'd like to convince him to relocate somewhere warmer :lol2:, and actually may be able to in the near future, but I DO love the state & have too much respect for his pride & joy. I currently reside in the Boston area.

But facilities in that area seem so sparse. Not sure how tough it would be to find good Nursing jobs if I lived there.

Anyone from the area that could chime in on what it's like?

Would be greatly appreciated. Even a commute to somewhere like Freedom wouldn't be too bad either.

Long commutes = Sanity for me.

Edit to add: Not yet a nurse, but looking into all future possibilities.

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Well, if you are going to live in Hiram your only option is to commute. I don't know of any hospitals in Freedom, NH but there is the Memorial Hospital in North Conway, NH which is probably 30-45 minutes away depending on where exactly you are in Hiram. The two major hospitals in Portland, ME which is probably more like an hour away are Maine Medical Center and Mercy Hospital. Maine Med gets a TON of applications during graduation time but those who work there as CNA's prior to graduating seem to always be a shoe-in for an RN job. The other one is Mercy that has undergone a huge expansion but has also just laid off over 100 nurses according to what I heard. They also have no job postings currently on their website. There is also Southern Maine Medical Center in Biddeford, ME and Goodall Hospital in Sanford, ME (both probably 40-60 minutes away). I also just thought of the Sacopee Valley Health Care Center really close by in Porter that always seem to have an RN/MA job posting a couple times a year. I don't know if they would hire a new grad but you couldn't beat that commute! Those are the places I am familiar with, hope it gives you something to look into.


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I work with several people who commute to Maine Med from that area. There's also Bridgton hospital which is probably a 25 min commute.