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nursing portfolios, what to do!?

So I'm ready for a new job! When I graduated almost 3 years ago, I was not required to make a portfolio, but it seems like that's the new up-and-coming thing with interviews. I have decided to join that bandwagon, but having no real direction other than a standard template, I was hoping someone can help me out!

a few things:

1. I am a member of a diabetes resource committee. there is no certificate or CEUs or major projects that goes along with that, so I was thinking of writing a little summary of what my responsibilities are with it. thoughts?

2. I spent 3 weeks each february of the last 3 years to volunteer in the philippines with a surgical organization to provide appropriate care to the locals. again, no documentation or certificates. I was thinking of making a 1 page collage of each trip, along with a little summary. I would make this as professional as possible, but I just wasn't sure if there was a better way to do so.

3. should i put the actual license or a copy of license/cpr cards, professional documents etc.

thanks in advance for all your input. it's greatly appreciated!

Hi there. You are right, portfolios are definitely a must nowadays! We were required to make one in nursing school. Here is how mine is constructed: Cover page/table of contents, cover letter, resume, references, letters of recommendation, 1 page copy of certifications, 1 page of an additional certificate in palliative care, lastly an essay I wrote that explains why I chose nursing. Hope this helps and good luck!!


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