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Are there any good podcasts for aspiring nurses that you listen to? I'll be beginning the program next year and looking for material to listen to (if there is anything good) while I jog/walk.


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I'd love to hear suggestions as well!

I can recommend the "New Nurse Podcast." It's hosted by an newish ICU nurse and discusses a variety of topics such as an average day in the ICU, sepsis, and hemodynamic monitoring. I've only listened to a handful of episodes and I believe there are no longer any new episodes (last is from 2011), but there are quite a few to listen to.

The only other related podcast I listen to is one called "Sawbones." It's a husband and wife (she's an MD) who discuss odd medical topics and medical history. Sometimes a bit goofy, but always entertaining. They have one episode on nurses and the history of nursing. It's one of my go-to podcasts to listen to while I'm jogging.

Good luck with the program next year and good luck!

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I like NRSNG podcasts.