When to give hydralazine?

  1. Question... when do I actually give hydrazine? I know that in textbooks, they say that normal BP is 120/80...

    And in my hospital, there is no parameter for when to give BP meds except for this simple statement: "For SBP > 100"... but even then, that parameter isn't very helpful.

    So when should I give hydralazine to a patient? 20+ systolic points over their baseline SBP, maybe?

    Thanks for any answer!
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  3. by   AndyBRN
    By nursing standards, the order written by the physicians must have parameters for giving and/or holding the medication. Typically, I have seen Hydralazine given if SBP is greater to or equal to 160. However, this must be indicated by the order parameters by the physician.

    Hope this helps!
  4. by   K+MgSO4
    Is it PRN or regular?
  5. by   FlorenceFrightengale
    Are you asking when to hold a scheduled dose of Hydralazine, or when to give a PRN dose?

    A lot of people are on PO Hydralazine TID routinely - this order should ideally have hold parameters.

    As for a PRN dose, the order should state when to administer. (typically SBP > 160 or 180, depending on the patient and the physician's preference.) I've given PO and IVP Hydralazine PRN.
  6. by   nurs1ng
    Quote from K+MgSO4
    Is it PRN or regular?
    Sorry guys, the hydralazine was a PRN dose
  7. by   KelRN215
    Quote from nurs1ng
    Sorry guys, the hydralazine was a PRN dose
    How was the order written? There should be specific parameters, as in "Hydralazine PRN BP greater than 140/100." So you give it when the BP is greater than the parameters specified.
  8. by   FlorenceFrightengale
    Quote from nurs1ng
    Sorry guys, the hydralazine was a PRN dose
    Then it is not acceptable as an order unless there is a REASON for the PRN. For example, the order "Ativan IV PRN" is not acceptable...as it could be PRN for anxiety, seizure, ETOH withdrawal, even nausea!