WFI was possibly used to prime a 3 way tap- Advice please!

  1. I would like an opinion on the following scenario, my friend (also a nurse) has asked me a question which I'm not sure on, she is quite stressed about not knowing the answer so i thought I'd ask here

    Apparently after a priming a 3 way tap for a PIVC she realised a few hours later that in a rush she may have grabbed a Water for injection instead of a normal saline.
    Are there any consequences from priming with WFI? has this happened to anyone before?

    I wasn't sure on any adverse affects because only a few mls of WFI would have been used. Any advice to ease her mind would be appreciated, I'm also quite curious!

    thank you
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  3. by   sapphire18
    WFI? Did she HANG water (confused how you would do this) or just somehow prime the tubing with it? Just curious, what country are you in? I'm having a hard time understanding this. Or maybe I'm just slightly stupid from being up for 24 hours
  4. by   tokebi
    I'm not sure what 3 way tap or PIVC are, but I don't think a few mls of water would be problematic. It was sterile water, right?
    It would be a different story if the patient received a large bolus or continuous infusion of water, but I assume just a few millimeters would be negligible to have any adverse effect from its hypotonicity.