Stimulants & side effects

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am in nursing school and have diagnosed ADD. I take 10 mg XR adderall and a 10 mg IR if needed later in the afternoon. I'm in clinicals and was doing research for a patient who is on Ritalin to attempt to help her become more alert after her stroke.

    Doing research, I came across several articles saying that stimulants increase risk of heart attacks and strokes. Curious because I am on a stimulant myself, I looked up adderall and the correlation between strokes/heart attacks. Big mistake because now I'm paranoid that I'm putting myself at risk for a stroke or various other issues even though I take my medications completely as prescribed. There's many articles saying people have died suddenly from taking it as prescribed and others suffered strokes. I also thought it was strange that if stimulants increase risk of strokes/cardiovascular issues then why would a rehab hospital put a stroke patient on it.

    Has anyone seen or heard of a correlation of strokes and heart attacks in people taking stimulants at a lose dose as prescribed?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    While we can't provide medical info per our terms of service, there is research with this correlation.

    However, only you and your provider can decide what medications you should take and the risks/benefits. Best wishes
  4. by   KIMMIEKAY11868
    Yes, but millions take it daily. Imitex can cause cardiac issues as well. Read the risks to all drugs. There are a lot of side effects that can occur. You have to ask yourself risk versus benefit. Only you can answer that.