Meds a New Grad should know?

  1. I want to be med savvy and be prepared for my 1st job What are some meds that all new grads should know? Whether it is PO, IV, IM ...etc
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  3. by   fiveofpeep
    good for you for wanting to be prepared. Im a new grad preparing too

    you can try this:
    which is the top 200 prescribed drugs

    Im going with a more narrowed approach though and just learning drugs particular to my unit. I figure, I already studied drugs as much as possible for the NCLEX so now Im going to focus my efforts on more related meds.

    good luck to you
  4. by   mellowish
    I would learn the common meds that always seem to be used on most ward environment's e.g. the analgesia's, antibiotics etc & As carebear said, the drugs relevant to your area of care whether it be cardiac, respiratory etc . Best of Luck!!
  5. by   chillchick
    I would stay focused on where you are working... like women's health meds are totally different than med/surg meds which are usually different than ped meds.

    If you let me know where you are working I'll tell you which ones I see most in that area... but as the others said, it is best to know those most prescribed according to a resource since I think specific drugs vary somewhat between facilities (ergo, it's essential to know classes of drugs and their physiologic effects...i.e., pharmacologic mechanism of action!)

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