Lovenox(enoxaparin) SQ - page 6

Where do you inject it? I was told ALWAYS SQ in the abdomen. If given other areas can cause bleeds and hematoma.... Read More

  1. by   suehbca
    The pharmaceutical company told me that the abdomen is the only FDA approved site to inject Lovenox. We perform abdominoplasty surgeries where there are drains and such in in the abdominal tissue so I am awaiting information on alternate sites for injections.
  2. by   NewRN2008
    best absorption; proven
  3. by   Bicycleboy
    I know Lovenox is not insulin but research shows that insulin injected into the abdomen is absorbed more completely than anywhere else. Could this be the same with lovenox?
  4. by   new_oldRN

    SQ injections are not aspirated.