IV push and IPID

  1. I was just wondering when you flush an ipid, administer med, and flush again...does that med mix with the saline that's in the saline lock? Or is the flush a barrier to what may go into the saline lock next? (if you understand what I'm saying) How much can a saline lock tubing hold? Saline, push med, Saline. For example, Lasix is pushed undiluted. Does it dilute in (saline) that was pushed before the med, and then does it get even more diluted by the saline that is pushed behind the med? Thanks!
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  3. by   Esme12
    Ok I give.....what's an IPID.
  4. by   samiam4
    intermittent peripheral infusion device....I thought it meant the same thing as a saline lock.
  5. by   Esme12
    Oh...okay. After 33 years of being a nurse I have never heard it called anything but a heploc or a saline lock. HOw much saline is in the system depends on whether you have a j-loop or extension tubing or just the IV catheter and dead end injection port.

    Technically speaking, the initial flush is to ensure patency of the IV itself that enable you to give the med so there is no infiltration that can lead to cellulitis and sloughing of tissue. The flush after the med is to ensure that the maximum amount of med has been flushed out of the IV to best preserve the IV and the IV site as well as to ensure adequate administration of the med into the blood stream.

    The amount of saline with just the catheter and end cap is approximately 1cc.

    I hope this helps.
  6. by   Altra
    The first bit of the med you push may get slightly diluted in the saline that remains from the last time it was flushed. The flush after the med is not to dilute it but to push it into the vascular system and flush the lock itself to keep it patent.

    Remember, the IV catheter is only 1-2 inches long (depending on brand and gauge size) and about 1mm in diameter -- tiny. Even with a J-loop/extension set attached, there is not a large resevoir of space before what is being infused hits the blood stream - and this is the idea.
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