b12 injections

  1. what are requirements for RN to give B12 injections at a community facility?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    what are requirements for RN to give B12 injections at community facility?
    For starters, the RN would need a doctor's order to administer the B12 injections.

    Is the community facility licensed to provide healthcare? Does it have an acting medical director or a physician on call?
  4. by   mya2bee
    I do have a MD available, on call. What about giving these injections at my church?
  5. by   sallyrnrrt
    community as ltc etc.... an order is required
  6. by   jodiej32
    B12 injections use ti be given IM, now they are ordered as sub q as well. I still prefer to self administer mine as IM, but I guess that it doesn't really matter the absorption is nearly the same.
  7. by   mya2bee
    specifically I want to give b12 at my Church. Any info given is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. by   mya2bee
    thanks for input. wanted to find out if ok to give at my community facility (church)
  9. by   mya2bee
    thanks for info. but does MD have to be present at facility during injections?