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Ok, here we go...just think, this COULD be fun!! :0) As a 15 year-practicing, highly experienced RN, with a background in a multitude of specialty areas, I have come across a nurse manager who has... Read More

  1. by   jadelpn
    This is an awesome question!! TID is usually a scripted time made by the pharmacist (all TID meds are 0800, 1400,2100 for instance) and if they are TID prn meds, you can give them up to 3 times a day, but I would probably want a clarification if it were a TID PRN as (via your tums example) that could be 3 times within a half hour if one wanted to give it that way.
    Q 8 hour PRN meds are just that--every 8 hours and gives you a more specific timeline in which you could give the meds if needed.
    Prn meds, in my opinion, need a time (Q 2, 4, 6 hr) or if the MD is insistent on TID for PRN's it could be clarified better (TID after meals PRN nausea) But that is just me.....
  2. by   sapphire18
    It would be better if they would say "q1h PRN no more than 6 doses daily" or something like that.
  3. by   EquestrianRN
    Yes, I prefer that sort of delineation the nurse some freedom but also lets you know before you've run through your MAX for that patient (in meds that have no outlined "ceiling", such as opiates (& UNLIKE APAP!), while setting exact boundaries regarding the briefest time between MD requires between dosages! :0)