2 Med Errors in 6 months

  1. Okay so my first med error was that I gave a scheduled Xanax 0.25mg PO 1.5hrs early. The doctor said that it was fine. I got written up for it. Then second med error I made the other day and I'm beating myself up about it and also super worried about what my boss will say once I go back to work tomorrow. I gave 180mg Cardizem PO when the actual dose was 90mg. My charge nurse told me just to monitor the vital signs and to watch the pt's b/p and heart rate. The pt was fine and she was discharged later that day. The doctor was okay with it and didn't give any new orders stating "she should be fine". I wrote myself up b/c this could be a SERIOUS med error. Anyways just curious to have y'all thoughts and inputs as well as vent.....I've only been a nurse for about 7 months now.
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  3. by   jadelpn
    I would be sure that when you go back to work, you have thought about what pro-active change you are going to make to try not to make anymore med errors. Most NM don't want to hear "I am sorry, not sure what happend....." but instead "I realize I made significant mistakes. I am thankful it caused no patient harm. I am currently making sure I review my orders at the start of my shift, and reviewing my MAR, noting on my pt report sheet/clipboard when PRN's are due, and any unusual med times. I am committed to practicing safe medication administration. I also will be sure that I double check the Pyxis when I pull my meds to be sure I am utilizing the "5 rights".

    No one is perfect, and mistakes are made. You just need to be sure that you are becoming more mindful of your medications, and use whatever organizational tool necessary to make it so.
    Good Luck.
  4. by   GitanoRN
    below you'll find similar situations involving nurses with the same issue in previous post regarding your post, i hope these will help you in realizing that mistakes are made and we learned from them and make better decisions along the way...



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