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I am a nursing student. My husband's job transfered him to Paris. Does anyone know if I will be able to get a job in an ICU in Paris as a new grad? And also, must I speak French?

Thank you!

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You will be required to pass a language exam before they will permit you to even write the licensure exam there, and they are both 100% in french.

And whether or not you can work as an RN will also be dependent on the fact if you will have a visa that will permit you to work thru your husband. Otherwise it is going to be quite difficult to get a visa to work there, jobs first go to those from France, and then holders of EU passports.

There are already several threads about working in France here, you may wish to check them out.


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Thank you very much. I will look into the other threads as well.


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Thank you very much. I found this as part of a thread:

I'm french stuck in the USA and retrogression...and There is no english clinic anywhere except in Paris where there is ONE. You absolutely need to speak French. If you don't have a EU license then you need to apply to a school of nursing in France and do the program to get the French state diploma.

Good luck

Do you think this means that I have to go through nursing school in France all over again? Or are you suggesting that I must take a board exam (in French) and also a language exam in order to work in France? Going through Nursing school after just graduating seems a bit extreme to me.

Thank you for your help!!:bow:

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Post 57 on this thread may help

You will probably need to get your transcript etc translated into French and also speak French fluently to work in France and you need to prove it by passing exam. The link in post 57 will explain clearly what you need to do

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