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Nursing Orientation

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Hi, I just started a new position at my small rural hospital to try to improve our nursing orientation process. I was wondering what everyone's nursing orientation process is like and if they have any suggestions? For example- how long is the process? are you on the unit the whole time, do you do lecture? one preceptor? is there any formal preceptor training at your facility? is the orienation paper work all online? does your facility provide you with any study material? ect. Any help would be great! Thanks

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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It would be very helpful to know what kind of unit you are revamping the orientation for. If it's for hospital wide use, it would probably require various departments to have different orientation plans as well as different plans for experienced nurses vs. new nurses (whether new grad or new to the specialty). Have you looked into various specialty organizations to see if they have recommendations for orientation procedures? That would be a good basis to start with.