UoP RN-BSN Anyone else had this happen?

  1. I'm halfway through UoP RN-BSN, I look at my schedule and there are two classes added without my knowledge. I went from having to take 13 classes to 15 (2 extra 4 credit classes). This adds 3+ months and alot more $ to my education plan. I talk to my advisor and she basically says that's the way it is, that they re-reviewed my transcripts and found I needed to take an extra two classes.
    I have talked to three other students all with different advisors that have encountered similar situations. I am beginning to feel like they took advantage of me. Yes, I realize that I am dumb for not getting my original projected course schedule and printing a hard copy.
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  3. by   jahra
    When you signed onto to the program, why did they not pick
    up the fact that you needed these credits? It is suspicious that halfway
    through the program you are suddenly alerted to this.
    You must have had some agreement initially as to what courses you needed,
    is there a way to challenge this?

    Sorry you are having this issue, please keep us posted..
  4. by   AZMOMO2
    I had this happen with the LPN-BSN option. No thanks I'll go somewhere else and get the classes cheaper.
  5. by   nurse2bmom
    I'm sorry I am unable to offer a response to your issue...however, I am currently in the process of signing up to start their RN-BSN ground campus program in Jan in Gardena, CA. I was curious to know what state you are in? Your exact situation is one of the things that is worrying me in deciding to attend UOP. How are you liking the program so far? How is the work load? Have you ever had any problems with your classes not being available? Any input or advice regarding UOP would be greatly appreciated...thnx.
  6. by   Scooty Puff Jr
    My advice is get everything in writing and save a copy. I was told that it would be 13 classes I have to take 15 classes, I was told no clinicals, but there is some form of clinicals in 3 of the classses. Shame on me for not keeping a copy of the original paperwork. Don't rely on your UoP computerized record as that, evidentally can be changed with a keystroke.
    Other than that my experience has been OK, not fabulous, not horrible, just OK.
    It is very convenient, but can be very frustrating with the team assignments if you get on a bad team.
    Before you commit, my advice is to check out the other options; Excelsior, Walden, Chamberlain, University of South Alabama etc...
  7. by   nurse2bmom
    OK...so it's coming down to the wire and I have to decide...how was the work load...they scheduled me to complete all classes except one in 12 mos...this means I will do one online course and one on ground course at the same time during 3 terms...do you think this is doable or am I being set up for failure...i have to choose between West Coast University which is pretty reputable and I like their program (and yes it is challenging) but not regionally accredited 9in the process)...UOP is regionally accredited..not sure about the reputation or how they have set up my program...what do you think?
  8. by   Scooty Puff Jr
    Both UoP and West Coast University are CCNE accredited. http://www.westcoastuniversity.edu/content.aspx?id=1091
    The classes at UoP are 5 weeks for 3 credit, 8 weeks for 4 credit courses. The pace is fast and the classes are expensive. Honestly if the Army wasn't paying for it, I wouldn't be able to afford it.
    That said it is very convenient, especially if you have a busy life. You have to log on at minimum four times per week and usually have one to two projects due per week. It was tough in the first class, but once you get in the groove it gets better.
    I honestly don't know what to tell you, I have some friends that go to UoP and they have similar attitudes toward the school, like the convenience but get frustrated with the group projects.
    If you go with UoP get your agreement in writing and look at the fine print look for added upper division non-nursing elective courses. Sorry it's long winded and hope it helps.
  9. by   chrisgayle
    University of phoenix
  10. by   chrisgayle
    I want to join UOP.please give me some feedback