University of Wisconin Oshkosh bs to bsn online - page 4

Hello I am looking at making a career change from business to nursing eventually going for NP. I need online live in Missouri found UWosh online accelerated, can anyone who is in or graduated from... Read More

  1. by   livert24
    Hey guys! Are most of you from the Oshkosh area? I am about to graduate from the traditional program (1 week from today!), but happen to know many people who have gone through the accelerated program. I also have built great relationships with a lot of the excel instructors through school organizations (they have actually helped me get interviews at local hospitals). The point I'm trying to get at, if you are planning on applying to the excel, or traditional, program and would like to get involved in some of these organizations (and network with a lot of instructors), shoot me a message and maybe I can help.
  2. by   gabookworm
    I'm not from there. The accel program is online, so I may be wrong, but aren't a lot of the students from elsewhere? We won't even know if we're accepted until later this month. Thanks for the offer, though. Very nice.