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Could I get some advice/information from someone who has recently gone through this program? :) I'm strongly considering applying for the fall. I'm nervous doing an all online program but I think... Read More

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    I'm thinking of applying to the UMass Boston RN-BSN program. Have they really stopped taking out-of-state students? I live in Vermont, but I have a BA from UMass Boston, and got my ADN at Bunker Hill. It would be slightly cheaper for me to attend as an out-of-state student than to attend UVM as an in-state student.

    My only real concern (aside from being an out-of-state student) is the 4th semester practicum. Do you have to find your own preceptor? Is it possible to do the practicum weekends? I work full-time, but the website only said it had to be in Massachusetts. I'm 3 hours from Boston, Greenfield, or North Adams.
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    Quote from geminiRNC
    Not sure where you're from...but...I applied to Umass Boston in Feb 2012....I've been patiently waiting for my response and finally called undergraduate admissions when my application changed from "complete" to "incomplete." When I spoke to someone they informed me that they are no longer accepting students from out of state for this program. I am from Virginia. No call, no application refund, no letter, no change to their requirements on their website--very unprofessional--and I told her so. Still, this was very discouraging. They seem to have a great program. Just wanted to let you know. I
    I have a previous degree from UMass Boston, and the bolded part doesn't surprise me. Apparently, not much has changed since I graduated (2004).