Transferring Online Courses ???

  1. HI!

    For those that did their Lab courses (Micro, Chemistry, etc) via online courses, did you have any problems getting your schools to accept these for your pre-reqs?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   mona b RN

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    I haven't actually transferred a lab course yet, so I really can't answer that question. However, all schools have dfferent requirements and accept different courses. I am currently enrolled in an online bio course that has a lab, actually it has 14 labs that are submitted. I think these days most schools accept online labs. Did you have any specific school im mind that you are looking to transfer to? You'll never know til you call and ask them.

  4. by   manna
    I haven't had any problem with transferring online courses, but then at my school they don't show up any differently than "regular" classes on your transcript, so I haven't been questioned about them.

    The best bet would be check with the school you plan on attending... policies often vary from place to place.

    Good luck!
  5. by   Agnus
    ALWAYS, check with the school to which you wish to transfer the credit before taking it. Only they can tell you if they will accept it.

    If you have not desided the school but have several in mind check with them all. They will want to know the specific course and the specific school. A catalog description of the course may be required before they give a definitive answer.