Torn between regular delivery and online Paramedic-RN programs!!

  1. I need help. Let me explain my situation as quickly as possible. i am a Fl. paramedic currently stationed in Baghdad, Iraq. I will be here until the end of Jan 08 atleast. I want to take a paramedic-RN mobility program. I have a couple in mind. First, Miami Dade CC...its the most convenient for me but has a lot of competition and the registration staff is incompetent so they make the application process impossible for me. They do offer the same program through online delivery. I am also looking into Palm beach CC. This is about an hour commute from my home and require some additional pre-reqs but they do offer them online and could easily knock those out while Im over here. But as I was reading, i believe the web site states that the majority of their classes are offered via online delivery as well...!?

    What is the general consensus concerning online RN programs. Can it work? I tried Excelsior and didnt like the delivery, I think i need a little more direction.

    The pros i see with online right now....1. I can get alot accomplished while Im over here sitting in front of a computer for 12 hours of my day and come back home with a definitive head start on the whole game.
    The cons??? I dont know how I feel about the nursing online thing...i believe the delivery with these community colleges are very different from excelsior.

    Can any online nursing program grads please comment on your experience and any tips that may be helpful for a fledgling student as my self.

    I have sooo many questions, its difficult to organize them. So lets start here.

    I am so motivated to get this done. HELP!!!!!:uhoh21:
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  3. by   ag01medic
    Online is definitely doable while you're over there. I am in the Excelsior Nursing program now and all I have left is the CPNE, which I am taking in June. I studied for the nursing concepts exams while I was in Iraq and took tests while I was on leave. I finished all but one by the time I was done with my tour. I am not familiar with the programs that you're referring to, just with Excelsior. Keep you're head down over there.

    Take care,

  4. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    I am also a paramedic, but am in the USA. Thanks if you are fighting for our country by the way. Anyway I chose to go for the ADN (no bridge programs here ) instead of doing the onlline thing only because I was insecure about whether different states boards of nursing would accept it if I chose to move out of this area.