1. Hello, I'm about to finish school with my LPN license. I went through a very expensive program and can't wait to be done! I've learned you definetly pay for convenience. I met with a TCN advisor on Friday and she gave me the run down on all of the classes I would need, etc. I'm not detoured by the price because it doesn't honestly shock me too much after how much I'm paying for my LPN (like 26k...). We had like 55+ people in our class initially and we now have 15 of our original classmates.

    Anyways, after reading the forums I really liked the lady that came in. We were going to set up to have a little luncheon and she was going to talk to all of my nursing classmates about TCN. But after reading some stuff on forums I'm almost worried I'm scamming them in a way. She said that the comprehensive learning modules were much easier to do as opposed to going directly through EC. I guess basically I'm trying to dig through the information here and that she gave me and determine if what I'm doing is right.

    I plan on adding to my family and working like a weekend baylor/option position to be able to study for it all. I guess what I'm most worried about is the CPNE. But honestly some of the issues I read, seem like silly problems. Like being unable to take apical pulse or do a BP. I might have to start taking more manual BP to get use to it though.

    Anyways, just sorta expressing myself or trying to make sense of it. All I know is I want my RN and I know distance education is for me. I'm just really freakin' nervous about making the wrong decision in the process.

    Kristina SPN
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  3. by   EricJRN

    Have you looked into direct enrollment with Excelsior? Many people find that it isn't necessary to pay the extra fees to publishing companies like Rue or TCN. You can read many threads to that effect here.

    As far as CPNE failures, sometimes it's simply related to stress management. BP should be a straightforward skill, but some strange things happen to people once stress gets into their heads.
  4. by   Mudwoman

    I tallied up what I have spent for Excelsior and it comes out to about $8K counting books and everything. That doesn't include the $4K I wasted on College Network. Excelsior provides study guides for free for every test you can take through them. As far as the Learning Modules being easier than going through Excelsior, I don't get that. You have to go through Excelsior to get the degree.

    TCN is just providing the study material. They are a publishing company and are not part of Excelsior in any way. I found the College Network Learning Modules to be boring and full of facts, but did not address the Nursing Process as it related to the area of care that was being taught. The one test that I studied ONLY TCN study guides on, I failed the first time. I ended up using only the practice tests in the back of the modules just to test my knowledge on the facts. I studied my text books from nursing school and did practice tests from NCLEX study guides. As far as the CPNE. There are lots of us that have passed it. More people pass it than fail it. Some have to take it twice because their nerves just get the best of them and they do something wrong or more times than not, they forget something. They live to tell about it, and thank goodness they do. Their stories are inspirational. It takes a real special person to pick themselves up after preparing for so long and going for it again. Most all pass the second time around.

    My original contract with TCN was for 7 study guides at $345 each and they would give me one of them for only $50 by signing up TODAY. Total of $2120. In the midst of all the fine print, many legal pages long, was permission to get copies of my transcripts AND to send me an additional 3 study guides that THEY determine I need at a cost of $375 each. Add $1125. (you have to agree to this or no deal) Well they sent the additional 3 study guides of course because they are in the business of making money. I sent them the proof that I didn't need them because I had obtained those credits thru CLEP and was substituting geriatrics for sociology and already had credit for the geri. They have refused to this date to refund my money. They took back their study guides they sent. They have a deal with Southeast Financial at 12% interest, so by the time I paid all this it was $4388. I sold those guides for $400 for all of them which is about what they are worth. The State of Arkansas has a Class Action Suit pending against them for deceptive trade practices.

    Best advice is if you really want to do TCN, take the time and read all the paper work and make sure that you understand the deal. There will be some high pressure to sign up right then, that day. Give yourself time to think about it.