TAMUCC ELine BSN program

  1. So I am thinking of applying for the BSN ELine program at TAMUCC. Have anyone done it?
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  3. by   Melissa1986
    I was thinking of applying too, for the Fall 2013 entry. I'm a little apprehensive of doing a program online, but I can't move to CC. It's a back up in case I don't get into any local programs in San Antonio.
  4. by   Kymberlee
    Yea I know I rather do it in person. Yes that is my back up plan as well because I plan on applying at TAMIU in Laredo.
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  5. by   Melissa1986
    I got accepted to the UTHSC in San Antonio, so I won't be doing the eline program. Have you heard from that school in Laredo yet?
  6. by   Kymberlee
    Congrats!!! ....No I will not be able to apply till Spring 2014, but I might apply for the ADN program at the community college this May.
  7. by   Melissa1986
    Thanks! Well good luck!
  8. by   Kymberlee
    You're welcome! & thanks! ..I wanted to ask you how many students do they choose there at UTHSC?
  9. by   Melissa1986
    For the accelerated program, I think they take around 100. It seems they are low on qualified applicants because they have extended the Nov. 1st deadline to Jan. 14th.
  10. by   Kymberlee
    That is awesome!!! When do you start? Here in Laredo they only take 50 at both colleges & there is only 1 admission period for each school.
  11. by   gyggles579
    Did any of you end up attending TAMUCC Eline program? If so, what has your impression been thus far?
  12. by   Kymberlee
    No, if I do apply I will apply to do the program on campus.