Straighterline transfer question?

  1. Hi,

    If I were to transfer a course to, let's say, Thomas Edison State College. And then have TESC transfer to another college, will it still read as the class from TESC? I'm a little confused by this process.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    My transcripts include the original source of the credits issued. So if I attended ABC University and took English Lit, then took the CLEP for Chemistry, ultimately transferring to XYZ College. My transcript from XYZ college indicates that English Lit was from ABC U, Chemistry was CLEP while a student at ABC U, and the rest of my credits were obtained from courses completed at XYZ College. So no, it is my understanding that (especially with a school like TESC that accepts credits from multiple sources) your TESC transcript will not indicate that your Straighterline course was completed at TESC, but it will say where the credits were originally obtained.