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  1. by   romstead
    Yes I took A&P one with lab and A&P two with no lab.. the labs were not required by EC.. but I did it for my own fun.. and No they did not require a Proctor.. but I took it a few months back. things might have changed you always.. always get approval from EC before you take this class

  2. by   PatMac10,RN
    I know this thread is old, but I'll give it try anyway. If you use straighterline to get a few of the Gen. Ed. Credits for your BSN at WGU, or any one of straighterlines other partner schools, and actually graduate from the school with a degree and plan to pursue graduate study (Like for NP), will an issue arise if you got credits from straighterline and the school your applying too for graduate study is not a straighterline affiliate school? Thanks.
  3. by   romstead
    good question.. you need to have a discussion with the school you are thinking of countinueing your degree with.. you must find out before you sign up with Straighterline..
  4. by   PatMac10,RN
  5. by   Tiffaniebush
    I know this is an old post but I'm needing 4 classes and wanted to know how east/ hard they are through straighterline I'm needing to make as mny A's as possible to get accepted into the nursing program by next summer if not taken here can you tell me where I might take them online that they would be affordable and not too complicated I'm needing patho, microbiology with lab, chem without lab and intro to sociology thanks
  6. by   pblount74
    How did your classes go Tiffaniebush?
  7. by   kletner
    Has anyone taken microbiology through Straighterline? I am needing to take that and Anatomy and Physiology II before I can get into the nursing program. If my school will accept the credits from them I would like to go that route for cost and time....How was your overall experience with Straighterline?