Starting over again...need a KICK in the right direction

  1. Hello everyone,

    OK, so I'm a LPN striving for my NP! I've looked into all the "traditional" BSN programs in NYC, and all of them require you to quit your full time job in order to complete the program. But, as a single mom, that's just not possible. I tried to do Excelsior long time ago when I had a study buddy but she dropped out and so did I. Then life got in the way and now I regret not finishing! I wish I had known about this site back then. I didn't even know a site like this even existed. Now that I see there is a community of Excelsior students and grads, I want to try this one more time. I'm hoping I can write the ombudsman and explain my situation to prevent from registering all over again. Also, I've completed all of my prereqs EXCEPT A & P 2 which I was going to attack this Spring. I would like to know if Excelsior will take all my courses? What else is needed before I register? Is there anyone out there in NYC who wouldn't mind a study buddy? Thanks in advance for the info and the encouragement! You all are awesome!!
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Mimi, I believe that, unless you kept up your enrollment, you'll have to re-do any nursing courses due to changes in the curriculum. How long since you were last enrolled? Hopefully EC will accept your other courses. I'd definitely give them a call! If you've completed courses with another school since your last try at EC, you'll have to submit those transcripts. Not sure if EC will make you reapply, but that might be the case. Let us know what happens! There is a ton of support here for EC students.
  4. by   momof3lv
    Depends how long it has been. I had to do all the nursing classes over again since it had been over 5 years since i had essentially dropped out. All my pre reqs were still okay and I didnt have to pay to register again but did have to pay the full enrollment. I too wish I had never stopped with excelsior all that time ago, but it is what it is. I am now 2 classes away from being CPNE eligible and it feels great to be so close to finishing.
  5. by   Mimi2BNP
    Thanks Lunah and mom....I've called and I'm waiting for a callback. The rep did mention to write the ombudsman explaining my situation. I guess it's worth a shot.

    Wow mom....2 more go mom! LOL did you become an Army nurse. I want to do flight nursing but I think I'm too old!!
  6. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from Mimi2BNP did you become an Army nurse. I want to do flight nursing but I think I'm too old!!
    Lots of time and patience -- it took a while to get in!! The max age keeps changing, but I was 38 when I joined.