Second Try at EC

  1. OK so I tried to do the EC program back in 04 and got most prereqs done, then started to loose my drive had a few kids, marriage the usual. Now I am wanting to get back ito the swing of things. I still need to take A&P, Micro and NC1-6 & Foundations of Professional Practice & CPNE. Then I will be done. I live in Japan (Military family) for the next 3 years, but I can test here and fly to the states for the CPNE. I am already an enrolled student, and have paid for the Chancellors program in full incl. the Care Plan. Any suggestions on what test to tackle first? Its been years since I have studied but I am determined to get this done. I have been an EMT-B for 10 years and need to further my career now. Any suggestions??Advice??
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    The sooner you get through NC1-NC7 (NC7=Foundations), the sooner you can apply for the CPNE -- sounds like you'll be within 10 credits of finishing with just those done. The wait for CPNE is about 6 months now, and will likely be longer by the time you finish -- EC just had a HUGE enrollment surge prior to the curriculum change on October 1. So you could do NC1-NC7 first, then do A&P and Micro while waiting for your CPNE date.

    I'd start with either NC1 because understanding the nursing process is vital to the remaining exams, and that one covers it, or NC7, which is theory/history/how the ADN RN fits into practice, and is really different from the other exams. One of my coworkers is attending a traditional nursing school, and the NC7 material is what they do first.

    Either way, welcome to the forum, and best of luck!
  4. by   Conqueror+
    I would definitely get the NC's done and apply for the CPNE. The six month wait is a killer. At least if you know you have some general ed to fill the gap you wont get so antsy.
  5. by   Mudwoman
    You can test out of A & P and micro through EC. You have to have all the NC tests done to apply for the CPNE. I would do A & P some time while studying for the NC tests. I would save Micro for after the CPNE. You have about 5-6 weeks before they get all the final grades posted and that would be a good time to do the micro test.

    I think in 2005, they changed the rules and said that you have to be at least a paramedic. If you attended in 2004 and are still enrolled, you should be grandfathered in. Better check and be sure.