1. Ok, so I've read these boards and groups on Yahoo like mad lately! I've heard all the bad about RUE, TCN, etc. I have decided to sign with RUE for ease of getting the textbooks with the study guides. I know it's a lot more money. BUT, here's my question....talking to RUE, they are willing to either give me the weekend clinical workshop in Florida or the Clinical Videos for free. I think both is $400 each. I chose the videos because I live in Iowa and probably won't be going to Florida. Do they offer this to everyone or am I being suckered in? I tried to get the NCLEX prep for free too, but they wouldn't do it!

    Also, I have very limited clinical experience. I know how important that is. But is this program possible without a lot of experience? Thanks so much for your input.

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  3. by   TheCommuter
    There was absolutely no need to sign up with RUE when you could have gotten the textbooks from Ebay or directly from Excelsior for 1/10 of the cost. There's a reason why Excelsior provides a warning to potential buyers about expensive publishing companies such as RUE and the College Network.
  4. by   anticoagulationurse
    I did NOT go through an outside publishing company like RUE and completed the Excelsior exams without any problems in 5 months. I think I spent like $300 on all the books I needed - and some I didn't need at all but Excelsior reommended in the study guides. Purchased them easily on ebay and and then resold them when done. All the books I bought were outdated. In fact, one I paid $12 for a prerequisite cass, Foundations in Gerontology was 15 years old and way out of date! Got an A on the test. So, I don't think one needs the newest editions as recommened. The one thing the RUE type companies do offer is a guided step by step work book type format. The free Excelsior study guides are detailed (more info and assignments than are needed for the exams) but do not "walk you through it". Still, I'd get out of RUE if you still can!
  5. by   greenjanell
    I too bypassed RUE and only used my LPN books to study by. and the guides from excelsior college. exams were all easily passed this way. BEWARE of the CPNE. it is a huge money racket. I finally passed after 2 attempts. each time you take it the cost is or was like 1500.00. and they will fail you for the stupidist things. I failed one patient for not charting that the little old lady refused her back rub. (part of comfort management) Failing the CPNE has absolutely indication that your a bad nurse or the you cannot perform clinically. I know 5 nurses, (2 ICU, 2 ER and 1 MedSurg) ALL excellent nurses and all failed the CPNE at least once.
    good luck but If I were you i would go to a traditional college.
  6. by   kylep40
    I went with RUE because I did not know any better at the time. It was a big mistake and a big waste of money. There study guides were useless and there staff was even worse at answering any questions I had.
  7. by   bamboo man nurse
    I am collecting stories about Rue customers both good and bad. I have a story but I want to share it after I hear a few from others first. Thank you.