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I'm a RN with 20 years experience who is looking into getting a BSN to bring my education in line with my knowledge and experience. In the past few months I've spent many hours doing exhaustive... Read More

  1. by   AmyStudentNurse
    Did you find a program that will work for you? If so, where? I am in the same position. I am going to be getting my ADN next year and already have a Bachelor's in Psychology. Thank you! I really want an RN to MSN program and it would be nice to find one that is for people with a Bachelor's Degree already.

  2. by   bbersch
    Me too! I have two associate degrees (122 Hrs of credits). I am seeking a school that offers 30-36 credit requirements for NURSING...

    At 55 years old, I don't want to have to take 2 Foreign language classes, algebra, or any of those pre-requisites for a General BS Degree.

    Is there any online school out there that offers this?
  3. by   foreverLaur
    When I read the curriculum for most RN-BSN programs, the course descriptions sound JUST LIKE what I did in my ADN program. I feel like some of the classes will be a repeat of what I already did. Why do we have to take these again?? A lot have something about doing a health assessment. We went very extensive into health assessments including across the lifespan and in many many cultures (more in depth than most BSN programs do). Why must I go through this again? Also, a lot of schools have a nursing class about pathophysiology. I already took pathophysiology as a separate course as part of my ADN program. Do I really have to repeat this?? Why does Fayettville State University have a critical care clinical component as part of their RN-BSN program?? I spent an entire quarter doing critical care in my ADN program and when I soon graduate, I'll be working in a critical care unit as a new grad. Why do I need to do another clinical in an area I have already done a clinical in AND in an area I'll be working in at the time?! Seems ridiculous.

    A popular RN-BSN program in my area won't waive general education for anyone. Despite having TWO bachelors degrees, I'd still have to take FIVE general education classes and a foreign language (and they won't count medical spanish). No thank you.

    Unless my job forces me to get a BSN, I plan to just get my MSN as soon as possible and not even bother. Several of my friends who graduated 1-2 years ago from my ADN program and did RN-BSN programs said they were a total waste of time and money.
  4. by   happyinillinois
    I was in the same boat as you. I had a BA in Communications, and an ADN. WGU online is only requiring 7 nursing classes for my BSN. I am finishing up my last class and should finishat the 6 month mark. Total cost $3750.00 for a BSN! I can send you a application fee wavier if you want. Send me an email. iluvminivans@yahoo.com
  5. by   ughhmehh
    foreverLaur, I asked you a question about the RN-MSN for RN's with a non nursing bachelors degree. Where are you living that you can even get looked at for a job without a BSN? My problem with the MSN programs is that although I have a BS and an ADN, NO ONE will hire me because I dont have a BSN. And the MSN programs that will take me with a bridge want me to have at least one year of full time nursing experience.
  6. by   foreverLaur
    I'm in Columbus, OH. So far only one hospital (that is part of a larger medical center) is truly BSN only. The class that just graduated last month is getting jobs at all the major hospitals in the area. They require a BSN within 5 years. Connections definitely help. I work at one of the major hospitals full time and work PRN at a cardiac hospital that is Magnet and has no problems hiring ADN nurses who are willing to go back. Obviously the job market is tough and the BSN grads in my city (and there are 4 schools spitting them out) have an advantage, but the ADN grads are getting jobs still.

    happyinillinois - I appreciate the offer, but the hospital I work at covers 100% of the tuition and fees for a RN-BSN or MSN program so if I have to do my BSN, it'll be there cuz it's free