RN to BSN with Excelsior...Only 4 tests + 3 clincals???

  1. I graduated from Regents, now Excelsior, with my ASN. I loved it. I was talking today to an LPN who just passed her CPNE and is waiting for her graduation paperwork so she can take boards. She tells me that if you graduated fro Excelsior and you want to get your BSN you only need 4 tests plus the 3 clinicals. I didn't get that by reading the website...anyone know? Thanks!
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  3. by   Boston-RN
    It all depends on how many gen eds you have. There are 7 nursing classes/exams (don't think there are any clinicals but I requested an answer to that question). The total credit requirement is 121-ish. The total credit requirement for the RN was 61-ish.

    I just finished the RN with Excelsior and I'm looking into the BSN through them so I have basic information. But you can go on their website and look in the nursing catalog. It doesn't mention anything about clinicals and I know they just changed their Health Assessment class to an online class and I think that was the "clinical" component.

    If I am wrong about any of this please someone correct me as I am just starting the research myself.

    As soon as I get an answer on the clinical question I will post.
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