RN-BSN CSULB VS ONLINE (Western Governors)

  1. Hi Guys,

    I wanted to get some advice on which rn-bsn route I should take, I want to either take the CSULB rn-bsn 3 semester route or the western governors university (online) route.

    I've heard that you can get your rn-bsn from WGU in as little as 6 months, however I'm wondering if going to CSULB would be better since it is well known for nursing (although it would take longer)?

    Any WGU grads or CSULB grads? How's the program like?
    I'd like to hear from both sides, I already have a non-nursing bachelors as well as my ADN, just wondering where to go from here. My goal is NP, but no hurry...I would just like to have a secure job by having the BSN.

    If you had guaranteed spots for either CSULB or WGU, which would you take?
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  3. by   klone
    Well, CSULB must not be THAT well known, because I have no idea what it is.

    I did my RN-BSN through WGU, and I have no regrets. And WGU is becoming more well-known for their quality programs.
  4. by   setsu
    Thank you for your reply! I guess I should have specified about being in Southern California, it is cal state university long beach...which has a very competitive program.

    I read somewhere that wgu rn-bsn has no clinicals? I know csulb has clinicals for their rn-bsn, I'm just wondering if it makes a difference out there on the field. Also I'd like to eventually get into ucsf np program or something of the sort but also read that wgu only transfers as a 3.0 gpa...which is not competitive at all.. I guess these are my concerns. Whether I should take the extra time with a on site, reputable school with clinicals or go for the fast, also reputable, but online program?
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