Reproductive Health Exam with Excelsior

  1. Just wondering what people thought about the Reproductive health exam. It seems pretty straight forward, but I was just curious what you all thought about it.

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  3. by   jlrevis
    It was easy for me. Very straight forward. I am a maternity care nurse, so if you have any questions just ask away and maybe I can help you get through this one. But I would not sweat this test.
  4. by   LPN_2005/RN_10
    I have no maternity experience and wasn't taught much about the subject in my LPN program, but got an A on this exam! I studied for 3 weeks using the Study Group 101 notes, and the nclex-rn review book. The NCLEX-RN review book really helped!
  5. by   jlrevis
    I agree!! It was the easiest one by far!!!
  6. by   RNFinally12
    Thank you to everyone that responded. I was worried that I am not nervous about this exam. I took my Health Differences 1 exam last week, but put off taking it for 1 month. I got a B and was very proud of myself. Now I am anxious to just get all these exams over with. I was in a traditional RN program, but unfortunately failed by 1/2 a point. So needless to say I have to redo everything. I am using my powerpoint notes from school & NCLEX review. The NCLEX REVIEW book I have is excellent. It is actually published by PEARSON and is called NCLEX RN EXAM CRAM. If anyone is interested in getting a book.

    Thank you again. Best of luck to everyone.

  7. by   julezz77
    Can any current excelsior students please e mail me? I'm considering the school for the AS in nursing. I have never done an online program before, so I want the good, the bad and the ugly on information! Please tell me what your general experience has been so far

    Hopefully good?

  8. by   toby4
    Julie, it is different for everyone...depends on your way of studying...I can say some people find it better to read then go and do..Im a visual learner,also very analytical at times...I found what best works for me is reading the required info. from the EC study guides, then taking practice exam form A, then going back to the sections I was weak on and studying alittle more....then taking practice B..few weeks later taking actual exam...some study materials Ive been using Saunder NCLEX Review, studygroup 101 but mostly a good review of EC guide. Best of luck! Donna
  9. by   moejo64
    Hi my name is Monique and I'm currently studyig for the nursing 4 exam- reproductive, kind of nervous, seems to be way to much reading involved. Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated, Thanks.